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At Profand we work in a Governance Model that responds to the ethical, economic-financial, social, and environmental expectations of our stakeholders and society as a whole.

Our Compliance Program is the strategic framework that allows us to develop a set of policies and measures to make our ethical principles a reality, ensuring the long-term economic, financial, social, and environmental viability of the Group and encouraging stable and lasting relationships based on ethics, reliability, cooperation, mutual benefit, and sustainable development. To this end, we consider it essential to develop policies and measures that contribute to guaranteeing long-term ESG principles.


The company´s commitment to sustainability has led us to reinforce responsible business management and to progress in integrating social and environmental criteria across our value chain, ensuring best practices in our internal control and corporate governance model.

Corporate Policies

Corporate Codes

Whistleblower Channel

Whistleblower Channel
We are a responsible company and we take pride in our integrity. That is why we have a whistleblower channel.

You can report any negligent actions within our organisation you may have observed and provide evidence in a totally anonymous and secure way.

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