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Our vision

We envision a world in balance, where all the environmental impacts generated by our supply chain are under the tolerable limits for nature.

A place where our responsibility includes the environmental and social challenges in the ecosystems and communities in which we operate.

The main guidelines that we will follow to achieve a positive impact on both the planet and society, will be the preservation and restoration of ecosystems, the development of communities and the promotion for inclusion and diversity, while ensuring respect and promotion of human rights.


We are part of the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), which strengthens our commitment to sustainability.

We are also a member of the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations that leads the world in corporate sustainability.

Our pillars

Profand 4 Future is the sustainability strategy of our integrated business model.

Contribution to community development

We foster and commit to social commitment initiatives in the communities where we are present through solidarity and support projects for small-scale fishing communities, with the participation of our staff and in collaboration with non-for-profit organizations.

Conservation and regeneration of ecosystems

We seek to contribute to maintaining the health of the oceans and of marine resources as a common good for society, as well as to contribute to limiting global warming as established in the Paris Agreement. For this, we are advancing towards a sustainable business model that incorporates the circular economy in every part of the value chain.

Protection and respect for human and labor rights

We are committed to the values of the safety culture, respect for human rights, and for good labor practices throughout the value chain.
We assume our responsibility in the development of professional relationships based on diversity, inclusion, and promoting equal opportunities.

Compliance and good corporate governance

Our Corporate Compliance Model is deeply committed to good governance and regulatory compliance, always alongside transparency and continuous dialogue with our stakeholders.