Participating in the new FEAP Alliance

25 Apr 2024

During Seafood Global Expo 2024, Lara Barazi, CEO of KEFALONIA FISHERIES S.A., our subsidiary in Greece, attended as President of FEAP – Federation of European Aquaculture Producers – in a new partnership of professional organizations representing the fisheries, aquaculture and processing sectors in the European Union (EU).


The European Association of Fish Processors and Traders (AIPCE-CEP), the European Association of Fish Producers Organisations (EAPO), the EU fisheries trade group Europêche and the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP), announced the alliance at the Seafood Global Expo/Seafood Processing Global in Barcelona.


This new alliance seeks to amplify our impact by building common ground and promoting partnership approaches to reach a wider audience and raise awareness in society of how seafood and aquaculture products represent a low-carbon source of animal protein offering significant benefits for human health, environmental impact and sustainability. Seafood consumption is good for human health and the planet.