Sustainable mobility demonstration at Profand Zaragoza

25 Feb 2023

As part of the Group´s Sustainable Mobility Plan, a pioneering initiative has been launched at Profand Zaragoza to promote carpooling to work.

Using a simple app, you can share with other employees the commute you are going to make, and this allows users earn access to benefits and prizes. It is also possible to accumulate sustainable km using bicycles, electric scooters and 100% electric cars/motorcycle.

As a result, there are many other benefits from the measure:

  • Reduced CO2 emissions, fighting climate change.
  • Reduced transportation costs.
  • More efficient parking.

This initiative was well received among our employees. Within the first 4 months of use, 40% of the workforce has downloaded the app, and with the km driven, more than 13,000kg of CO2 emissions have been saved and users have achieved 28,000€ in savings.

Over the next months, Profand Zaragoza will review the impact of this action and there will be a follow up in line with Profand Group´s mobility plan.