We were awarded with the Aragon Social Responsibility Seal

22 Dec 2023

On December 20th Profand Zaragoza received the RSA Seal (Aragon Social Responsibility).  This seal involves the Regional Government of Aragon, the CEOE of Aragon, Cepyme in Aragon and UGT Aragon and CC.OO. Aragon (this last two are unions).


The seal was received by Jesús Juárez, IT Director; Susana Cruz, Environmental Manager; and Fernando Martín, Quality and Environment Director.


It is a recognition that distinguishes companies and entities with social responsibility measures implemented or in the process of adopting, and that demonstrate a commitment towards maintaining them on an annual basis.


With this seal, Profand Zaragoza consolidates its socially responsible commitment to make a positive impact in the community and the environment that surrounds us, one of the goals of Profand 4 Future, the Group’s sustainability strategy.